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Safely keep, transfer, exchange and stake your digital and fiat currency in the EXW ecosystem.

We at EXW pay a lot of attention to the details in our platform. From every applied button to each and every function we have developers putting their heart and hard work every day into the project giving you the best experience possible.

Together with our well trained and experienced management team we are delivering the best performance possible to you as a customer in every aspect of our company.

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The founders of EXW


Benjamin Herzog

Achieving goals and moving forward in new economy areas was the main focus from the beginning.

Only being through multiple projects the past four years, giving me the experience to bring a plattform, together with my partners and team, to life like EXW. Experience in many ways in different economy sectors made the EXW platform what it is today. I'm personally proud of any member, partner, employee that helped to make this dream come true.



Manuel Batista is an entrepreneur, dream chaser and strong believer in changing the world for the better with different kind of businesses.

Manuel has always been a big dreamer and tried to build companies early on while being a professional badminton athlete and after quitting the sports life to fully dedicate himself into businesses of the new century, building parts for the society 5.0.

To diversify his portfolio Manuel went also into Investments, Forex, Trading and cryptocurrencies, until he dedicated himself to his life project Nauka to disrupt the current education system and on this way he became part of EXW, building a fully functional sustainable ecosystem.

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